Hotwords:Sodium triacetoxyborohydride Benzophenone hydrazone Hydrogenation catalyst
Sodium borohydride
Alias SBH; Sodium tetrahydroborate; Sodiumborohydridepowder; Sodiumborohydrideonneutralalumina; Sodiumborohydridepellets; Sodiumborohydridetablets; Sodiumborohydridewhitepowder; Sodium tetrahydridoborate; sodium boron(-1) anion; 1H-borole
CAS RN 16940-66-2
EINECS No. 241-004-4
Molecular formula NaBH4
Molecular weight 37.8326
Properties White crystalline powder
Use As reducing agent for aldehydes, ketone and acyl chloride, foaming agent in plastic industry, bleaching agent in papering, and hydrogenating agent in pharmaceutical industry
Structural formula